Hopig Khachadourian has had an interest in photography since he was a child. While growing up in Kameshli ,Syria , he presented slides in various shows and 
competitions, and also fondly remembers taking pictures while vacationing in 
Arminia as a teen.

Ten years ago, he took it upon himself to pursue his photography 
professionally. Using a Nikon D 200, he was able to use both old and new 
lenses that he collected. He has taken literally thousands of photographs since 
then. Hopig notes, “I'm interested in new approaches, equipment, and 
processes… In the end, however, you aim the camera, push the button, and see if you're rewarded. The outcome is always the reward.”

Hopigʼs subject matter is often a product of his everyday life and travels. He 
ventures out on foot or bike with the intention of discovering things that draw his attention.  

The joy of photography is creating something beautiful, interesting, or 
capturing something the eye doesn't usually see. Taking pictures can 
either distract you from the present moment, or put you directly in the 
appreciation of it. 

Has had several exhibitions in Syria and Armenia, also published his photo in several areas and Arab and international newspapers.
Hopig has also take a large number of photos for Arab artists.

Now resides Hopig in Lebanon, where he was attending the opening of his studio



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